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Battery News:
Choice magazine votes Winmax
one of the best value high performance ultra alkaline batteries AAA and AA

                             "AA & AAA
        Battery special" 30% Off, Limited stock.
           $1.99 each, box of 12, carton of 72,
 These are high performance digital ultra alkalines

"CR2032C4 battery special" 30% Off, Limited stock.
          $1.99 card of 4, box of 48, carton of 192,

Battery Battery supply: Dry cell batteries, coin,  button, watch, and more in bulk. 

Winmax batteries, Now on sale.
Duracell batteries, Now on sale.
Energizer batteries,
Sanyo batteries, now closed
Wincell batteries,
Suncell batteries,
Varta batteries,
Procell batteries,

Lithium, Alkaline, Silver oxide, Zinc air, Rechargeable, batteries.   
AAAA, AAA, AA, 9 Volt, 6 Volt, C, D, Cr1220, Cr1616, Cr1620, Cr2016, Cr2025, Cr2032, Cr2450, Lr44,76a, Cr123a, drycell, button, coin, watch batteries.
and many more.

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                           Winmax Ultra Super Alkaline Batteries

"AA battery special" 30% Off, Limited stock.
       $1.99 each, box of 12, carton of 72,

This is a high performance digital ultra alkaline 

Battery News Australia:

Warren Buffet buys Duracell for $4.7 Billion. 

In Australia Duracell batteries with Chinese words on front of battery packets are still leaking causing major safety problems for businesses and consumers, 

Winmax batteries by "Battery Importer 
Australia" improve power levels in AAA and AA
up to 400% more digital power than ever before.

Sanyo sold to Panasonic worldwide, Panasonic is going to delete all Sanyo batteries and will keep selling Enelop rechargeable range, another battery brand bites the dust.

Winmax batteries of Australia have increased sales over the last year and is looking forward to an increase of 20% this year.

Duracell still has done very little with copied battery product and sales are falling.

Did you know batteries are growing at a faster rate than ever before and battery prices have been dropping as the large volume of batteries used grow.

Battery battery is Australian owned and one of the fastest growing battery companies in Australia.

Australia is one of the biggest user of batteries in the world and "Battery battery" have been a supplier of the batteries for over 16 years.

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